v1.3 Offscreen arrows

  • Addition of moving arrows to indicate the position of the shots when they exceed the top and far edges of the screen, which a number of people requested in their feedback on the WoS forum. I didn't add them before because early experiments proved far too slow. This has been made possible by drawing using CHR$ control codes, as with the castle sprites since v1.2. Erasing the arrows as they move is accomplished by rendering them twice with OVER 1, and using PAPER 8 and BRIGHT 8 so they don't disrupt terrain - a trick I had entirely forgotten about.
  • Additional small performance improvements to conditional logic, particularly in the trajectory loop to enable the above feature without slowing the game down.


Artillery 1.3.1.tap 24 kB
Apr 24, 2019
Artillery 1.3.1.bas.txt 17 kB
Apr 24, 2019

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